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Today, analytics skills are in surging demand with entry-level data professionals earning $33 per hour and SAS professionals earning $53 per hour.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Data Analytics with Programming in SAS will introduce you to the fundamentals of data analytics while providing hands-on experience using the SAS platform to manipulate, transform, and analyze data.

Courses are taught by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners of data analysis who work in technology companies, IT, and other career sectors.

This nine-unit certificate includes two core courses in data analytics and one elective course that will allow you to gain basic proficiency in programming with SAS.

You’ll Walk Away With:
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of data analytics
  • Basic understanding of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis
  • Basic proficiency in data analysis using SAS
Add Value to Your Organization

This certificate will demonstrate that you’ve completed introductory coursework in data analytics and gained proficiency in an advanced statistics package.

Plus, you’ll receive an official certificate that you may use on a resume, job application, or application to transfer to an accredited college or university like GGU.

Gain Long-Term Skills

Data-driven skills are increasingly needed by professionals at all levels working in every industry from retail to manufacturing.

SAS has a large part to play in the future of data analytics. It’s the default platform for clinical research and analysis, and SAS is widely used in the financial, advertising, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. If you’re interested in data collection, risk analysis, and statistical analysis of data across industries, SAS is an essential tool that will be valuable throughout your career.

Earn credits toward a degree

After completing the certificate, if you’re interested in continuing your GGU education, you can apply credits earned in this program toward a bachelor’s degree.


Enrollment as a degree candidate is not required.

Please note that some courses taken as part of certificate programs will have prerequisites. These prerequisites must be satisfied (through transfer of equivalent coursework or through taking the courses at Golden Gate) before the certificate courses can be completed.

Read more about Admission Requirements to Certificate Programs


CORE COURSES — 6 units

Introduction to Business & Data Analytics


DATA 103
Data Analytics Using SAS


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