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Choosing the right Executive MBA program comes down to finding the best fit for you. Golden Gate University has designed a program and a format that is tailored to meet the demanding needs of busy working professionals. If you are ready to take the next step in professional growth and advancement, this Executive MBA program will get you there.

High ROI

This degree becomes a higher return on your investment as compared to most other EMBA programs in the region. For the January 2018 cohort, the all-inclusive tuition is $65,000. Compare that to programs costing 2 or 3 times as much.

Every Other Saturday

Our program is purposefully designed for the time constraints of busy working professionals. The cohort meets in-person every other Saturday and is always connected -- anywhere, anytime -- through GGU's eLearning platform.

16 Months

You can complete the program at an accelerated rate. It takes 16 months. Compare that to an average of 19 months for similar programs in the region.

Glen Schofield


After I got my MBA from Golden Gate University, I was made VP of Electronic Arts and went from creative leader to business leader. The MBA helped me create the business plan for my studio, and it also taught me how to go deeper into research, deeper than the competition, which has helped me tremendously in the creative process.

I went from running art teams to running a business that makes billions of dollars in revenue.

It's an honor to come back to GGU, it means so much to me.

Sana Lodhi


Getting my master's degree had been on my to-do list for 8 years. In choosing a school, I did my research. My boss had gone to GGU and she spoke very highly of it.

The flexibility of the every other Saturday classes was a deciding factor. I was working Monday through Friday, sometimes upwards of 60 hours per week, but my weekends were free. My job wasn't going to let up just because I decided to go to school, so it was definitely challenging. But I was able to commit to that schedule. I also liked that it was only 16 months long, so that made it a lot quicker process, and I wanted to get it done.

Carrie Swing


I was already a working professional, so my criteria for graduate school was that I needed classes that fit my schedule, I needed a location that was close, and I needed a program that wasn't going to take too long. I felt that GGU was really tailored toward working professionals. It was like a perfect fit for me.

I was actually terrified of the graduate school application process -- I was afraid of taking the GMAT. The fact that I was able to test-out and qualify because of my undergraduate GPA was a big deciding factor for me.

If someone is really serious about going back to school in business, GGU is the place to go.



Golden Gate University has a proven record of success -- More than 115 years of experience designing and delivering business programs that are immediately practical and impactful. Analytical tools, business knowledge and leadership capabilities are always advanced within a perspective that is dynamic and connected to real-world application and outcomes.

Immediate Impact

The program intentionally features instruction that becomes applicable in the workplace right away. This means tangible advancement of management and leadership capabilities, even before you complete the degree.

Agility in Practice

The program is highly relevant and responsive to real-world, real-time business. GGU faculty members are scholar practitioners, active in the real world. They are always developing, quickly adapting and alertly responding to San Francisco's world-changing businesses. They transform our EMBA classrooms into a learning laboratory.

Master Skills and Build EQ

Competitive success demands the hard skills of an astute decision-maker and the soft skills of a passionate leader. Our EMBA integrates hard and soft, building your business knowledge and technical ability, developing your leadership EQ, and accelerating your career potential.

Katherine Grimmer


My GGU professor told me that I might have discovered a 'white space' in the shampoo marketplace. I decided to use my idea to create a marketing plan in the classroom. I was able to research and plan the idea. Even my cohort was helpful as I developed ideas and even a bottle design.

By the time I had completed my MBA I realized I had gained new skill sets in terms of supply chain and financial management. I was able to combine that with my biology background and execute this idea, to launch my own hair products company.

Barbara Karlin


GGU has always believed that there is huge value in bringing the business practitioner into the classroom. This is our origin, the culture that we started off with -- an institutional belief and commitment that this is the right way to teach business to working professionals.

When an instructor comes into our classroom, they're sharing leadership from the perspective of someone who has been a business leader as opposed to only having studied about it. The person who is delivering that information has credibility, and their direct experience shapes the course content in a significant way. Business in practice -- this is how it really works.

And the neat thing is that you're sitting next to another student who is also a practitioner, like you are. This isn't just lecture -- everyone is involved -- learning from each other and from the faculty member. That's what GGU is all about.

Victor Shin


As an employer, I notice that applicant pools can be weak when it comes to soft skills -- critical thinking, decision-making and so forth. As a professor, I want my students to know that these skills are important.

Here at GGU, in a city where being an entrepreneur and being innovative can take you to the next level -- you will be challenged and engaged. You will walk away with both technical and soft skills. Better decision-making. Understanding management and leadership skills and values. You will master real-life scenarios through case studies -- discussing them and engaging with your professors and with your peers in the cohort. You begin to apply what you're learning to what's happening right now in your career. That's where you gain validation, confidence and understanding.



The Executive MBA program from GGU connects our graduates to a powerful network of professionals, career opportunities and enhanced pathways toward success. Our approach to real-world applied business education and GGU's strategic location combine to leverage the experience, knowledge and leadership skills of EMBA graduates to surpass their goals.

Inside the Vortex

GGU is in the heart of the world's most dynamic, transformative business center -- San Francisco's SOMA financial district. Our EMBA students immerse themselves in the boundless opportunities provided by an environment of unparalleled innovation, change and economic growth.

Leap Forward

A primary reason for achieving an Executive MBA is to use your expanded knowledge and training to surpass your career goals. Our 115+ year tradition is marked by countless stories of success, achievement and leadership. Your advanced business degree from GGU opens the door for you to become the next success story.

The GGU Network

Our students are woven into a vast network of GGU alumni and business partners. Many of them are working right in our neighborhood, in significant positions, at leading firms. These connections offer powerful opportunities for professional development and advancement. GGU is centered within one of the world's most dynamic business neighborhoods. San Francisco's Financial District. We are surrounded by a stunningly vibrant economy, innovative growth, thriving firms and numerous professional opportunities.

Timothy Archuleta


The location of GGU was fantastic for me. It's where I work and where I live. I love the SOMA neighborhood. I felt like it was really important to be there. With the new Salesforce Tower and the Transbay Transit Center going up, GGU's campus will continue to be in the hub of the wheel.

In that vibrant environment, I learned things that I could apply every day. My instructors were truly outstanding. We got into organizational leadership and ways that businesses could be disruptive, and I found that stuff fascinating. We dealt with real world cases and built strategies based upon them.

Our mentor would call us individually and check to see how we were doing, not only academically, but personally in managing our work / life / school balance. I thought that was fantastic.

Robert Shoffner


Once you get an advanced degree, the field does change for you. Your organization looks at you differently. More importantly, it gives you confidence, knowledge that you can apply, and an inner strength as you go forward.

One of my professors told our whole class, 'In a year from now, not one of you will be in the same job as you are right now. This program is going to change your life'. His prediction came true for me. Within one year I received a job offer from Citibank that I couldn't refuse. It did change my life. My career really took off from there.

As a result of my Executive MBA from Golden Gate University, I went to an employer that sent me on assignments all around the world. You never know where you might end up.

Scot Ferrell


The alumni group at GGU is extensive. It's incredible how many people I meet through my business interactions that have graduated from GGU. Through those connections I've been introduced even more deeply to GGU. The relationship I have with the Ageno school of business, as the chair of the advisory board, came through a co-worker who was also a GGU graduate. I'm actively working with my colleagues to build those connection points between alumni.

GGU has that niche. It provides a lot of benefits to alumni working in the business world.



GGU's Executive MBA is a demanding, transformational experience. Unlike many other "executive" programs, it is not a spin-off from a traditional MBA for full-time students.

Our EMBA program is based on more than 115-years of proven success developing and delivering programs for working professionals, and it was designed to leverage the real-world professional experience and knowledge of the EMBA participants with GGU's renowned active and practice-based learning methods.

As you complete GGU's 16-month Executive MBA program, you will gain confidence not only from advancing your knowledge of business and leadership concepts, but from mastering and applying what you learn to boost your professional performance. From day one, you will have the opportunity to connect with a peer group of accomplished, high-energy professionals, in the heart of San Francisco's thriving business district. You will join an active alumni community that is 68,000-strong, and you will benefit from a network of corporate partnerships and entrepreneurs that GGU has forged during its more than 115-year history in the center of this world-changing business hub.

As a participant in the EMBA program, you will collaborate with and learn from executive coaches and instructors who are influential business leaders and who transform GGU classes into dynamic learning laboratories. More than 80% of our EMBA faculty members are scholar-practitioners, and they will constantly challenge you to enhance your business knowledge and hone your leadership skills by solving real, meaningful and practical business problems.


GGU's EMBA program is designed for busy professionals who recognize the value of applying their learning from day one. The program is delivered in a 16-month, accelerated cohort format, specifically designed to leverage the professional experience of EMBA students.

During the program's four, 16-week trimesters, the cohort meets on GGU's campus every other Saturday, where students are immersed in GGU's renowned activity-based learning methodology. In between these on-campus sessions, EMBA students use GGU's innovative eLearning platform to perform course work, connect and collaborate in teams and engage in groundbreaking discussions with classmates and faculty members.

Throughout the program, EMBA students also have access to a wide range of on-campus and online learning events -- speakers, panels and workshops -- that address current management and leadership topics, cases and challenges.


The Executive MBA program provides mid-level managers and above with an opportunity to learn and develop the management skills that will enable them to excel in today's competitive environment. With the cohort structure, your learning is shared and enhanced by the experiences of your peers. Engaged mentorship by your faculty and program director also provides the necessary support to take your career to the next level.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Understand how to build, develop, motivate and lead teams
  • Sell their ideas
  • Apply theory to understand real practical situations
  • Think outside the box and develop novel solutions
  • Understand functional department and business process issues and then analyze and synthesize them into a coherent strategic whole
  • Craft an innovative strategic vision and transformation
  • Manage the development of their own careers

And be knowledgeable about:

  • Current international and global issues
  • Ethical and diversity issues
  • Current technology and environmental issues
  • Leading change in an organization
  • Current management trends


Courses in the EMBA program are carefully sequenced to reinforce mastery of critical analytical tools and business knowledge and advancement of individual skills and capabilities in four essential areas.

Management and leadership skills:

  • Management & Teamwork
  • Personal Leadership

Business context knowledge:

  • Context of Business (including Legal Aspects of Business)
  • Managing in a Global Environment

Critical analytical foundations:

  • Economics of Marketplace Transformation & Disruption
  • Accounting Essentials for Executives
  • Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage
  • Data Analysis for Managers

Functional and business process knowledge:

  • Marketing for Executives
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Managing Technology & Innovation
  • Finance for Executive Decision-Making
  • Formulating & Implementing Business Strategies (Capstone)



$65,000 for all course tuition.

 Additional Information


What's different about GGU's Executive MBA program?

Most other "executive MBA" programs are spin-offs from traditional MBA programs for full-time students, many of whom have little or no work experience and do not have the challenges of balancing career demands while they study.

GGU's Executive MBA program is not a spin-off. It is purposefully tailored to meet the demanding needs of busy working professionals. It is intensive. It is accelerated. It is transformational. It is for accomplished professionals who want practical, high impact results, not "fluff."

For more than 115 years, GGU has focused on working professionals and on delivering business programs that have immediate application and impact. Our renowned emphasis on applied, action learning methods and our scholar-practitioner faculty combine to transform our EMBA classrooms into learning labs.

Our focus on working professionals has been recognized by The Washington Monthly rankings. In both 2016-17 and 2017-18, Golden Gate University was ranked #1 in the nation for working adults. No other university and no other business school can make this claim.

Why is the Executive MBA program taught in a cohort format, rather than an open-enrollment format?

The executives who participate in the EMBA program bring a minimum of five years of management experience into the program.

The cohort format ensures that GGU's faculty members – 80% of whom are scholar-practitioners and accomplished business leaders themselves – can accelerate and reinforce the learning, based on the accumulated experiences of the cohort. As the EMBA participants progress through the program as a cohort, they challenge and learn from one another, and they hone their leadership skills with constant mentoring and feedback from an accomplished peer group and GGU's faculty.

How many courses do I take each trimester? | How much time does that require?

EMBA participants take courses totaling 9 units of credits during each 16-week trimester. During the first trimester, participants take two half-courses and two full courses. During the remaining three trimesters, participants take three full courses each trimester.

The amount of study time required varies depending on each individual's study habits, previous academic and work experiences, team and study group collaborations and reading, writing and presentation capabilities. It would be reasonable to plan on allocating an average of 20-24 hours per week to the Executive MBA program.

Can I take a half or reduced academic load during the EMBA program?

No. The Executive MBA program is purposefully designed as a cohort to leverage the skills and experiences of all the participants and to accelerate their mastery of the business knowledge and leadership skills, as a collaborative group working with the program faculty.

What if my workload changes and I have to withdraw from one class? | What if I have to withdraw from the program?

The GGU Executive MBA program was purposefully tailored to be as compact as possible and to support busy working professionals. The 16-month calendar of the program and the every-other-Saturday format help to ensure that participants can plan for and manage potential changes in their work and personal commitments.

In many years of running the Executive MBA program, 98% of the participants have graduated with their cohort.

In extraordinary cases of hardship, if an EMBA participant must withdraw from the program, the EMBA Program Director and the student advising office will work with that student to arrange a workable schedule of make-up courses to complete the MBA degree.

Are there scholarships or other financial aid available?

Yes. Scholarships are available for corporate fellows and individual, high-potential leaders. There are also numerous other sources of financial aid, such as military/veterans benefits and student loans.

Why do other Executive MBA programs cost so much?

It is no secret that many other universities have raised their tuition rates much faster than the rate of inflation. In many cases, these programs have lost track of how they might provide the best return on investment for their students.

At GGU, we have been focusing on working professionals since 1901. We recognize that an Executive MBA program is a significant investment decision, and we have tailored our program to ensure that our EMBA participants are making an astute investment decision.

Our program is entirely focused on making you a more effective, productive leader as efficiently as possible, starting from day one.

Our program does not include a world tour or luxury, spa-like offsite weekends. If you want a world tour or a vacation, we suggest that you complete our EMBA program and then celebrate by taking your family or team on a holiday of your own choice. You will save both time and money, compared to many other programs.



Scholarship Details:
  • Covers 50% EMBA tuition -- more than $30,000.
  • Limited to 15 recipients.
  • Cannot be combined with any other grant or scholarship offered by GGU.
To be considered, applicants must:
  • Be employed by a company operating in the United States.
  • Have at least 5 years experience managing people, projects, or businesses.

This scholarship will be available for a limited time only.



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